2013 AUA Annual Meeting, USA

The most comprehensive and widely attended gathering of the world in the field of urology, AUA Annual Meeting organized by the American Urological Association was held in San Diego city of California from May 4-8, 2013 this year.

Invited from Turkey for the first time as a speaker and an instructor at the “Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Course” attended and taken interest by numerous urologists from the United States and several countries across the world, Prof. Dr. Fatih Atug shares with you the joy of having successfully represented our country in this field of medicine.

Turkish Professor talks in the United States about robotic surgery.
Prof.Dr. Fatih Atug made a presentation on robotic surgery at the Urological Meeting organized in the United States.
A member of the Turkish Association of Urology and a Robotic Surgery Specialist, Prof. Dr. Fatih Atug participated in the Annual Meeting organized by the American Urological Association as an instructor on robotic prostate surgery.
Stating that the Annual Meeting was held in San Diego city of California in the first week of May, Atug said that nearly 20 thousand urologists attended this year’s Annual Meeting of the AUA, being the largest gathering of urologists in the world.
Atug further said:
“The Annual Meeting of the AUA, which is organized only in the United States, is recognized as the most prestigious urological gathering in the world. One of the courses in this year’s congress was the ‘Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery’ course. I attended this course as an instructor and a speaker. As far as we know, I have been the first surgeon to be invited to this course as an instructor from Turkey. The pioneers of this field in the world are American surgeons. It is a source of pride for our country that a Turkish physician has been invited to the United States, the most developed country, to provide training on robotic surgery. Usually, American doctors come to our country to provide trainings; we could say, this time, it has been the other way around.”

Prof. Dr. Atug is a member of the scientific advisory committee to the Journal of Endourology published by the Endourological Society, one of the most significant scientific journals in the field of urology in the world.

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